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I have a Garmin now, so I know I can find some cycling routes to try in Japan!

Sometimes even if you don't make it where you want to go, you still were out on a ride, so things aren't too bad.

Fumiaki Yoshimatsu

Thanks for the comment Slonie! Yes, absolutely, it wasn't too bad. In fact it was very good just to be on the bike!

My Garmin is kind of old now... It takes its time before it picks up satellite. I think I will get a new one soon... before Christmas... :)


I'm having fun with mine so far... Hope to use it next time I come to Japan to follow some routes!

Somewhat off-topic, for your next purchase:

I couldn't decide between the 500 and 705. I went with the 705 because it had mapping... But the 500 has many refinements missing from the 705.

Also, the 705 user experience is so archaic-feeling! My guess is that we'll see an Edge 800 or something, maybe this year... That could be really nice.

That said, the 500 is fantastic if you don't need or want mapping!


Wow thanks for the advice! Actually I also use it when I am running. I thought I would get a new one was because the associated heart rate monitor was broken a year ago, and I think I could use it lately.

I have been thinking about buying Forerunner 305, since the later versions all dropped routing support... Or, yeah, maybe I could get 705 and continue using Forerunner 301 for my running partner. I think I do need mapping (or routes at least) for biking. I'm so bad at guessing which way to go when I am lost :)

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